Safe Journey John Lear

Just a week after the death of Jordan Maxwell, We have just lost another great legendary “innerwordlly” “disclosurerist “ the dear John Lear…

He was an X- pilot and explorer of the hidden inner and outer world.
The following are some of his thoughts:

There are a billion times a billion Earth-like planets in the Universe. Earth is one of the few places left in the galaxy that is still considered a prison planet.
I believe in reincarnation as a matter of fact. We live an incredible amount of lives. Souls are forged in fiery hoards of the Universe and are tempered by lifetimes of experiences on places like Earth. Only when they reach an automatic alignment to integrity without envy, hate, or greed are they released from the nurseries of evolution.
Some have difficulty. Some never make it and wallow around in the depths of what we call “evil”.
If a person is still asking “why do I have to have integrity without envy, hate, or greed?” then he or she is still in the early stages of development. The truth is they do not have to do anything, the decision is their choice.
The soul is one heck of a thing.. more powerful than a thousand Supermen, more fantastic than all the Wonders of the World, more than all the galaxies.. it’s big, very big… and it’s so amazing that they can squeeze all that into a clueless human brain, but basically what we’re suppose to do on Earth is to mature the soul and learn how to live with integrity and without envy, hate, or greed & then we get to go to the next dimension which we find out when we die.
Now, when Steve Jobs died, his family was around him & just two or three minutes before he died he said “Oh wow.. Oh wow.. Oh WOW!!” And what he was seeing was the reception area because when we die we go to the reception area (like in the movie THE GAME) and we’re met with who we believe in.

If you believe in God, God meets you, if you believe in Jesus, Jesus meets you, if you’re Buddhist, Buddha meets you, if you’re Islam, then the Islamic God meets you and in my case, it’ll have to be the Great Pumpkin because that’s who I believe in. (chuckles)
But anyway, they meet you and this room is so ornate, so huge, and so beautiful that that’s what *Steve Jobs was saying when he said “oh wow”.*
New Hidden Secret : John Lear later stated that Steve Jobs said Wow again 30 minutes after he was clinically deceased…….

See you in another FREE dimension dear Mr. Lear ♥️