Richard Montbleau

For Our Lord And Savior
Jesus Christ”

Ezekiel 33:6

11. jun. 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to my next video series titled, “Jesus is our Rock”.
If you have not watched my “Mystery of Life”, “Us and Them – Part 1 & 2” and my “Tribulation Kick off Events” videos, then please go watch those videos before watching this series.

This (9) nine-part video series, builds upon the “Foundation” of Jonathan Kleck’s Ministry: “This Is It Before the Fire”, where Jonathan has exposed the truth about the human race and how our souls are all being hunted through the male and female twin host body flesh system, to transmute our angelic energy to birth a demonic race of serpent scorpions Locusts, that will be birthed from the pit in the end of the world.
In this video series, I expose the spiritual battle that is taking place within the male and female twin host body system, at a cellular level within our DNA.
I also provide scriptural evidence to prove that we are the human temple for God to dwell in and that written within the word of God, is the mystery of how we get saved and spiritually converted at a molecular level, when we finally submit to the Lord God and win our symbolic wrestle with God, as Jacob did in a place called Pineal.
This is one of the most mind-blowing revelations of all times, because I’m going to show you how the characteristics of our DNA, is written with in the word of God and how the Lord God has revealed to us, that when we finally believe and admit our guilt and submit to Jesus, He sends the Holy spirit into us to activate a third strand of DNA, that has been laying at rest, waiting for us to repent and submit our will to Him, so that He can stand up that third pillar, which restructures our DNA into a triple helix and bridges the gap between our duality, thus abolishing the enmity to make one new man from the two that described in Ephesians 2:15. And by the end of this video you will know if you have been spiritually converted and have become a lively stone on Jesus’ spiritual church.
I’m also going to show you how the enemy (Satan) wants to gain access to your human temple, which will be through he fulfill the Daniel 2:43 prophecy, “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay”, which is currently being done through W-A-R-P and soon to be other planned-demic medicines, that they are setting us for with the Planned-Demic Treaty that all nations have just signed, so that Satan can mingle his seed by adding an additional 23 chromosomes from the blue blood, from within the water kingdom, to build, back, better, Satan’s version of his triple helix, which will cut out the good spirit from Adam and restore our DNA back into the original natural, wild, vampire root (DNA), which was the original serpent race that Elohim made in Genesis 1:26, that was grown by germination, that has become divided, from commingling with the Adamic race. And this will all be activated when the “Mark of the Beast” becomes mandatory, and the switch is flipped, when the AC takes center stage. And this is the White Horse of Revelation 6.2, that has begun to go forth conquering and to conquer.
Other subjects in this video series that I don’t have enough word count to explain include:
• Who and what the scarlet color beast is in Revelation 13, that has seven heads and ten horns, that sits on many waters.
• Proof that the earth is a globe with a “Flat Plane of Existence” and NOT a spinning ball Heliocentric Model, like we have been taught in our education system.
• I explain how the Revelation 12 sign that took place on September 23, 2017 in the Constellation “Virgo” in heavens, is pointing us to the symbolic water birthing event of the Antichrist, which will be the Tsunami event on the east coast and the destruction of the Hoover Dam, which will be the birth the two beasts of revelation and begin the 3.5 year great tribulation and when the Bride of Christ is removed in the rapture of church and there is so much more.
I respectfully ask everyone who watched these videos, not to text me questions until you have fully watched each video to the end.
But I will do my best to answer questions for those who have taken the time to learn the material.
Please keep in mind that there is one final part that I am working on now, but the Lord gave me the green light to release these now, which means that we are close to going home.
Please pray for the Lord to give you the eyes to see and ears to hear before watching these videos.
And as always, please take everything to Lord for your own discernment and your own personal confirmations.

God Bless! Peace & Grace

Jesus is our Rock
Part 1
Jesus is our Rock
Part 2
Jesus is our Rock
Part 3
Jesus is our Rock
Part 4
Jesus is our Rock
Part 5
Jesus is our Rock
Part 6
Jesus is our Rock
Part 7
Jesus is our Rock
Part 8
18. nov. 2020
This video is a revision of my previous video that Youtube took down.
I was led by the Lord to create this video based on a series of supernatural events that the Lord used to confirmed to me, that NYC will be destroyed by a Tsunami and cause the death of hundreds of thousands of victims. The government’s inability to react to all the mass casualties, will result in the rapid spread of pestilences and diseases resulting in many additional casualties. This will cause a world-wide economic collapse, bring in a digital currency, which will create right environment to force everyone to take the “Mark of the Beast”. And although I only briefly touched upon how the Bill Gates Foundation will play a leading role of the current CV19 “Vaxeen” (purposely spelled wrong), I believe that synthetic RNA Protein “Vaxeeen”, and whatever RFID delivery system used, will be the “MARK” and will enable them to connect us through the new 5geee Network and AI. This “Mark” will be considered the “badge of servitude” described in the bible. It has nothing to do with Sunday worship or any other religion. Mark (G5480) is Greek word: charagma: From the same as G5482; a scratch or etching, that is, stamp as a “BADGE OF SERVITUDE”- graven, mark. G5482 charax: to sharpen to a point; through the idea of scratching; a stake, that is, (by implication) a palisade. It’s only a matter of time before millions of people are taken up in the rapture of the church. If you haven’t done so already, give your life to Jesus Christ. He is our only salvation to escape the judgement that is coming on this world. Please share if you feel led. God Bless
Tribulation Kick Off Events
Phoenix (Antichrist) Rising
18. aug. 2020

In Part 2 of my video series, “Us & Them”, I share how Satan and his blue-blooded Nephilim Serpent Race, has weaved a network and system of control through throughout the entire world, for the sole purpose of hiding the Lord God from you and so that you never come to the knowledge of your free gift of salvation that you have in Jesus Christ, so that you die in your sin and your spiritual energy can be transmuted, to birth the demonic below ground serpent scorpion race that will be birth out of the bottomless pit in the end times.
I also share how the Lord led me to the understanding of the mystery of the formation of the world and how our enclosed system can co-exist with asteroids coming from the Red Dragon, described in Revelation 12, what has been called in the mainstream as, Planet X, Nibiru, the brown dwarf, which is actually Earth’s Binary Twin Systems.
I will also provide visual evidence to demonstrate how the “prince of the power of the air’s” spirit, has been working in the children of disobedience throughout history, to build the key to the bottom less pit, which is CERN.
By the end of the this video, you will understand the true symbolic meaning of the Fleur De Lis, the Illuminati Owl, the Double and Single Headed Phoenix, the Templars Cross and the Pine Cone, which will all expose the truth about fake space, our enclose system, the formation of the world, Planet X (Nibiru, Brown Dwarf), Black holes, universal waters, weather manipulation, CERN and how the Lord is going to bring judgement on the world with fire. And you will know that everything that has been hidden in the dark, has been made manifest.- Luke 8:17 and Jesus is coming soon.

I pray that this video blesses you and wakes you up to the times that we are living in.

God bless

“Us & Them”:
Fake Space, Universal Waters, Earth’s Twin Binary System: Red Dragon, Planet X
8. jul. 2020
This is Part 1 of my “Us & Them” video, that provides
Biblical proof that there is a serpent blue blooded race mixed with a Red blooded race from Adam, that is hunting our souls to be used to birth a serpent locust scorpion race, that will birthed from the pit in the end times.
I also provide evidence that the spiritual battle being waged in every human host body is coming to the end and humanity is reaching the end of a cycle, when the sea of humanity is becoming like in the days of Noah, when man’s heart had turned all evil and we are “Out of Time”.
In this section I also prove that Trump was selected and not elected for this very time in history to be down this system to make way for the New World Order and the rise of the Antichrist.
“Us & Them”:
Blue Bloods (Serpent race)
Red Blood (Adam)
25 apr. 2020
This video builds upon the Foundation of Jonathan Kleck’s Ministry: “This Is It Before the Fire”.
I provide additional visual and scriptural evidence that proves that the Human Host Body is being used to transmute the Lord God’s Angels (Human Soul) into a Serpent Scorpion Locust Race that will be birthed from the bottomless pit.
These new images include the full transmutation process; (Man-Larva-Death-Locus) from within the Alter of St. Peter in the Vatican. I also provide visual evidence of who Abaddon, Apollyon, Satan, known as the Angel from the Bottomless Pit is and a testimony of how I was led to this understanding.
Along with scriptural proof that Lucifer was the Original “Builder” in Heaven and was builder of the earth, and why he in known as the “Prince of the Power of the Air”.
I want to make it perfectly clear to all who watch this video, that I do NOT believe that we live on a Floating Flat Disk in space. The Earth is a globe that has a “Flat Plane of Existence” where all Time and Life exists, but it is NOT a spinning ball Heliocentric Model, like we have been taught in our education system.
Please keep this mind when watching this video.
These are amazing revelations!

All Glory to the Lord God “El”
God Bless!
Mystery of Life:
"Souls are Hunted to Birth
Locusts in Pit"
"Frequencies & Mind & Matter"
12. jan. 2020

In 2016, when I received my new spirit from Christ, I also received several supernatural dreams and visions of major end times events that will transpire before the second coming of Christ.
These dreams and visions include:
– A dream about a huge asteroid headed to earth
– A vison of nuclear war
– A vision of a huge volcanic eruption
– Vision of a Triple Helix DNA that will be used to resurrect Fallen Angels
– A dream about he the Red Dragon of Revelation 12, that will be use by the Lord to bring His final judgement on the earth.
– And a Rapture Dream to give us all hope to those who are looking for the return of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I pray that this video leads someone to the knowledge of the free gift of salvation, that we have in Jesus Christ.

God Bless you all.

Dreams & Visions:
(Asteroid, Planet X, Triple Helix,
Nuclear War, Volcanos, Rapture)
29. dec. 2019

In 2016, when the Lord called me out of the world to be a Watchman, one of the first things that He revealed to me was the season that we are living in.
I was shown through a supernatural experience more than seven months prior to the date, that the Revelation 12 sign was going to occur on September 23, 2017.
This was the moment that I knew that bible was the true word of God. The signs that we are being shown could not be any clearer for those who are watching for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Never in human history have we seen so many prophecies being fullfilled right befor our very eyes.

I pray that this message finds those who are lost and leads them to the saving knowledge and the free gift of salvation that we have in Jesus Christ.

God Bless you all.

Signs of the End of Days:
The Lord is Speaking, but is Anyone Listening?
25. dec. 2019

I was led to create this video on the “Mark of the Beast” which is described in Revelation 13.

Throughout my entire professional career, I have been involved with various industries and technologies that I believe make of the “Mark of the Beast System”.

These experiences have enabled me to see how what was prophesied in the bible over 2000 years ago, is actually coming to pass at this very point in time.

I would like to give a special thanks, appreciation and credit to following YouTube channel owners and media channels for the use of their content:

• Shaking My Head Productions

• Martus Ministry

• Steve Cutts

• Brother Jack at “The Mark of the Beast” Channel

• Bloomberg

• RT News

• Washington Post

• Glenn Beck Radio Show

• CBS News

I pray that this video leads someone to the truth and saving knowledge of grace, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God Bless You!

Mark of the Beast:
RFID, Blockchain, Bitcoin, 5g, ID2020, Smart City